Zoning Hearing Board

The Township’s Zoning Hearing Board hears variance and special exception requests and makes decisions on same.  Also hears challenges to validity of Zoning Ordinances.

The Zoning Hearing Board meets the third Monday of the month from March through December at 7:30 pm in the upstairs meeting room at the Township Building, located at 214 Sykes Lane. In January, February and June, it meets on the second Monday of the month.  All meetings are open to the public.  Agendas are available in advance of the meetings.  Meeting minutes generally are not available.

The Zoning Hearing Board has five members who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners and serve five-year terms without compensation.  The Board of Commissioners also may appoint alternative members who serve three-year terms. The Zoning Hearing Board has its own solicitor.

Information To Zoning Hearing Board Applicants

Zoning Hearing Board MembersTerm Expires
Robert George (Chair)31-Dec-25
Ati Bailey31-Dec-25
Marie McGuire31-Dec-26
Kenneth Ezzell (vice chair)31-Dec-26
Leo Carey31-Dec 28
Dana Pickup (alt)31-Dec-25
Adam Fernandez (Solicitor) 
Bridget Galloway Owen (Court Reporter) 

 Zoning FAQs

Question: What Is Zoning?

Answer:  Zoning is the regulation of land use.  It covers topics such as what type of use can be conducted on a piece of land (i.e. residential, office, rental, industrial, etc.).  It also regulates how big a piece of land needs to be, how close to a property line a building can be placed, how big a building can be erected, etc.

Question: Why Have Zoning?

Answer:  Zoning is created to ensure the intelligent development of land, and that development on one lot will not adversely affect adjacent lots, or the Township as a whole.  The end result of zoning determines the impact on housing density, traffic, stormwater run-off, school capacity, police and fire response requirements, removal of trees, etc.  In short, zoning affects the overall quality of life in our Township.                                                              

Question: What Is The Current Township Zoning?    

Answer:  Nether Providence Township is 4.64 square miles (2,970 acres), and has a population of approximately 14,000 people.  About 90% of the Township is zoned residential, which is why townships such as ours are often referred to as “bedroom communities”, meaning we have little commercial or industrial activity.

Question:   How Are The Residential Areas Currently Zoned?       


Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting DateAgenda
January 11, 2016 January Advertisement
January 11, 2016 Continuance Notice 224 N Prov Rd.
February 8, 2016Continuance Notice 224 N Prov Feb.
March 21, 2016No Hearing
April 18, 2016April Advertisement
May 16, 2016No Hearing
June 20, 2016Continuance 224 N Prov Rd June
July 18, 2016Continuance 224 N Prov Rd July
August 15, 2016August Advertisement
September 19, 2016 September Agenda
October 17, 2016 October Agenda
November 21, 2016November Agenda
December 19, 2016December Agenda
January 9, 2017No Meeting
February 13, 2017 February Agenda
March 20, 2017 Continuance Notice 501 S Providence Rd
April 17, 2017 April Agenda
May 15, 2017 May Agenda
June 19, 2017June Agenda
July 17, 2017 No Meeting
August 21, 2017 August Agenda
September 18, 2017 September Agenda
October 16, 2017 October Agenda
November 20, 2017 November Agenda
December 18 , 2017 December Agenda
January 8, 2018 January Agenda

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