Leaves & Mulch


The township mulch program runs from the end of March  until June (or whenever the mulch runs out).  Orders are taken at the Township Building 214 Sykes Lane Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM.  No orders will be taken over the phone.

Township Resident –     $105.00/full truck load
$65.00/half truck load


Leaf Collection:

  • There is no set schedule since there are many factors that can affect the weekly scheduling (such as the weather, the amount of leaves out, and the leaf machines), however, the trucks will pass through each of the wards at least once a week.
  • Please keep your leaves at the curb but NOT in the street. Leaves in the street can cause safety issues as cars will swerve around piles into oncoming traffic, the leaves can create slippery conditions, and the leaves will wash into the storm drains and create blockages.
  • Please do not bag the leaves. They are sucked up by a leaf vacuum, so the bagging is not necessary.
  • No other yard waste, besides leaves, should be included in the piles. This will cause problems for the machines. The non-leaf yard waste is mulched at the Township’s leaf-site, whereas the yard waste is taken off-site. For that reason, yard waste and leaves cannot be co-mingled.
  • Please do not park vehicles in front of the leaf piles as the workers will be unable to collect them. They will not be able to return until the following week to collect them if something is blocking the pile.

If you believe it has been more than a week since your leaves were collected (during the months of October- first week of December), please call the Township building at 610-566-4516.

At other times of the year, the Township will pick up bagged leaves the second Tuesday of the month, upon request.  The Township will also pick up bundled small twigs and brush.  Must be bundled in 2′ sections.  You must call the township building to schedule a pick up.


Yard Waste (except grass clippings and weeds), leaves in biodegradable bags (NO PLASTIC BAGS) and bundled sticks will be collected by the Township Public Works Department the second Tuesday of each month.You MUST call the Township in order to get on the list to have your yard waste picked up. Simply call 610-566-4516 Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM and provide your address. Pickups will resume July 14th.

Drop-offs will be permitted from 8 AM to noon on the first Saturday of the month and Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 AM to noon each week.

  • Limbs and branches must not be greater than 3-4″ in diameter and no longer than 5′. They should be bundled together with twine.
  • All items must be placed at the edge of your property, curbside. The employees cannot come onto your property to pick up the items.
  • If you choose to bag items, they must be in biodegradable bags.
  • Logs, stumps, and branches larger than the parameters above WILL NOT be collected. You’ll have to arrange for a tree company or your trash hauler to take those items.

To schedule a pick up, please contact the Township Municipal office at 610.566.4516 by the Monday prior to the scheduled Tuesday pick-up.