Bird Town News

Bird Town News: How to Help NPT’s Amazing Migratory Birds

The updated March column at Bird Town News (under Environmental Advisory Committee) at the NPT website has key resources and information on this seasonal wonder!

Visit the website to learn more:

March 2024How to Help NPT’s Amazing Migratory Birds
February 2024Great Back Yard Bird Count
January 2024Meet Merlin: Bird ID Apps
December 2023Bird-Feeding

Simple Ways to Support Spring Bird Migration

How to create a bird-friendly habitat

Create Bird-Friendly Habitats

The public works garage will be open Saturday March 16th from 8-noon for residents to drop off yard waste. Limbs and branches must not be greater than 3-4" in diameter and no longer than 4'. They must be bundled together with twine. Residents can request pick up by calling 610-566-4516.
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