Taylor Memorial Arboretum

Taylor Arboretum was acquired in 2016 by Widener University, with the intention to keep the park open to the public. For more details about the park, see the dedicated website (taylorarboretum.org).

Taylor Arboretum is located on 30 acres along Ridley Creek. The Arboretum is a sanctuary for plants and animals. It also provides environmental education opportunities, as well as a peaceful setting where visitors can leisurely explore and enjoy nature. A 30-minute walking tour enables visitors to observe 12 significant trees in the Arboretum collection. Visitors also can enjoy the Arboretum’s collections of rhododendrons, azaleas and perennials, as well as its natural rock outcrops and water features. The Arboretum grounds are open daily from 9 am to 4 pm. The Arboretum is closed on major holidays. Entrance to the Arboretum is at 10 Ridley Drive (off Chestnut Parkway) in Wallingford.

The Arboretum was established in 1931 by a Chester lawyer, Joshua C. Taylor, in memory of his wife, Anne Rulon Gray. An early proponent of conservation, Taylor dedicated the Arboretum to promote the “health, enjoyment and education of the public in perpetuity.” A trust fund provides for maintenance of the Arboretum.


  • Walking Path
  • Wooded



For photos of Taylor Arboretum, see the website for the park.

Gouley Park Picnic for 6/14 is cancelled due to the weather. Rescheduled for 6/28 at 6 PM.
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