Historical Commission

The Historical Commission advises the Township’s Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission, and Zoning Hearing Board on matters pertaining to the Township’s historical resources.  It also is responsible for overseeing all aspects of preservation, including gathering documentary evidence, illustrations and other materials to establish historic sites worthy of listing in the township’s survey and inventory of historic buildings, sites, monuments, and objects.  Other duties include reviewing and commenting on subdivision or land development applications which contain historic resources or are within 300 feet of an historic resource.  The Commission meets on an as-needed basis.

Seven members serve on the Historical Commission.  They include individuals who have an interest in history, archaeology, or historic preservation.  Members are appointed to three-year terms by the Board of Commissioners and serve without compensation.  The commissioners also can appoint other residents to serve as Ad Hoc members of the Historical Commission.

Historical Commission Members                                                                   Term Expires

Geoffrey Paterson31-Dec-24
Chuck Cowan31-Dec-24
Ani Diakatos31-Dec-25
Richard Linderman31-Dec-24
Chris Martin31-Dec-24
Kenneth RoseAd Hoc

Historical Commission Meetings


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