Vaccine Distribution Information

COVID-19 Vaccination Information:


All adults, effective Tuesday, April 13, are eligible to be vaccinated. Individuals 18 years of age and older are eligible to receive either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, while individuals ages 16 or 17 are eligible to receive only the Pfizer vaccine.


Delaware County is currently offering the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to Delaware County residents.

Please review the information below and click the “Schedule My Appointment” button to get started with your appointment. If you are unable to successfully schedule an appointment today, please check back at your convenience. Note that new appointments are added to the schedule as quickly as new supplies are delivered to the County. Additionally, new appointments may become available when an individual reschedules or cancels their appointment.


In addition to the multiple County-based vaccination sites operating in Aston, Chester, Media, Springfield, Radnor and Yeadon, there are more than 30 active vaccination sites being operated in Delaware County each week by multiple health partners, including hospitals, pharmacies, and other retail establishments. Most sites are open to any resident of Delaware County – you just need to visit their website or call to schedule an appointment.

Having trouble finding a site?
Please review the list of active sites in Delaware County: Vaccination Site List | PDF | Interactive Map

Having trouble finding an open appointment?
The supply of approved vaccines—including Moderna and Pfizer—has increased dramatically in the past 3-5 weeks, though the demand continues to exceed the available supply. We understand that there are some Phase 1A individuals who have yet to successfully schedule an appointment and understand that demand will likely continue to exceed supply for several weeks. We understand this frustration and continue to work diligently to quickly open up vaccination appointments for every dose we receive.

Need extra help in scheduling an appointment?
We understand that tracking down an appointment has been a challenge, especially for those residents with unreliable internet access, transportation challenges, health concerns, and/or language barriers. We ask these individuals to contact our COVID-19 Call Center by phone at (484) 276-2100 or by email at [email protected], between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to request assistance.

Homebound, or unable to safely leave your residence?
Delaware County Council and the Delaware County COVID-19 Task Force recently launched the Homebound COVID-19 Vaccination Program to help ensure that Delaware County residents that are homebound or are unable to safely leave their residence can receive the vaccine. We ask these individuals to contact our COVID-19 Call Center by phone at (484) 276-2100 or by email at [email protected], between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to schedule a homebound vaccination visit. Our goal is vaccinate up to 500 residents per week.



Delaware County Government, wholly or in partnership with select health partners, is or will soon be administering the COVID-19 vaccine to individuals at the following locations:

 Aston Community Center
 Delaware County Community College
 Delaware County Wellness Center in Yeadon
 Keystone First Wellness Center in Chester
 Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital
 Penn Medicine Radnor
 Springfield Hospital

Vaccination is currently by appointment only.


Delaware County has opened a COVID-19 Call Center to answer COVID-19 related questions including information on vaccines and testing. The COVID-19 Call Center will be open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In addition to responding to phone calls, the Center will also respond to emails.

Phone: (484) 276-2100
Email: [email protected]

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