Meals for Kids and a Warning about Personal Wipes and Sewers

“Flushable” Personal, Baby & Disinfectant Wipes Are Clogging Our Sewers – Do Not Flush!

The Coronavirus has people using more personal and cleaning wipes in their homes. That’s great. Good personal hygiene and clean spaces will slow the virus’s spread. But use of these wipes can have a dark (very) side when flushed down our aging sewer systems. Please, do not flush any wipes down your toilets.

Even wipes labeled as “flushable” aren’t that. Those wipes can and have caused blockages and backups into homes. In the last few weeks, your Public Works Department has seen an uptick in sewer blockages involving disposable wipes. When that happens, our employees must open manholes and scope a sewer line. And the affected resident(s) need plumbers to enter their home to determine if the blockage is in a line on the resident’s property. That brings people together who should not be in proximity at this time. It also brings people in contact with sewage. The Novel Coronavirus is present in, and can spread via contact with, fecal matter. You don’t want it backed up into your basement and all of us want our Public Works employees healthy and working.

Please do your part to keep our sewers clear and operating. Do not flush wipes of any kind and, as always, clean up street litter before rain washes it into a sewer intake.

Free Meals Available to All Children at the Middle School!

The Wallingford-Swarthmore School District announced yesterday that, starting this Thursday, it will distribute pre-packaged meals to all kids within the district twice a week. Each child will receive 14 meals! Please pre-register by clicking this link.

You may pick up meals at Strath Haven Middle School (200 S. Providence Rd., Wallingford) on the following days and times:

  • Every Monday 10 A.M. to Noon – Receive Monday lunch, Tuesday breakfast and lunch, Wednesday breakfast and lunch, and Thursday breakfast
  • Every Thursday 10 A.M. to Noon – Receive Thursday lunch, Friday breakfast and lunch, Saturday breakfast and lunch, Sunday breakfast and lunch, and Monday breakfast

Picking up food is easy. Just drive into the loop in the SHMS upper parking lot, tell the staff there the number of children you are picking up for, and pop the trunk of your car. You stay inside your car.  The district’s food service staff will place all meals in your trunk.

Thank you to the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District for finding a way to keep our kids fed during the school shutdown.


POSTPONED - The 5/19 Mural Painting Event at Hepford is postponed to 6/2.>>>>>>> The Public Works garage will be open Saturday June 1st 8-noon for drop off of leaves and yardwaste. All sticks must be bundled.
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