East Rose Valley Walkway Plans

East Rose Valley Walkway Project

The Township has received grant funding for the East Rose Valley Pedestrian Walkway Improvements Project. The work will be occurring along the northern side of East Rose Valley Road from Osborne Lane to Providence Road, and will consist primarily of path, Americans with Disability Act (ADA ramps) and drainage improvements. Traffic signal and ADA improvements will take place at the intersection of E. Rose Valley Road and Providence Road as well.

The plans have been submitted to PennDOT for their review, and we have received edits from PennDOT. Those edits are being addressed, and the revised plans will be resubmitted to PennDOT. This is a normal part of the process, and normally takes several weeks. Once PennDOT has approved the plans, the Township will put the project out for bid. We are hopeful that construction can begin in the late summer or early fall.

The recently submitted plans can be found here: Draft Plans – May 2021