Electronics and Clothes Recycling – Curb My Clutter is now retriever

Are you thinking of a Black Friday purchase? Don’t throw away the item you’re replacing! You can recycle it right from your doorstep with retrievr (formerly Curb My Clutter).

On this America Recycles Day, you can join the thousands of your neighbors who have already recycled their unwanted clothing and electronics with retrievr. Nether Providence is proud to be among the first to bring you this great service that collects these items right from your door.

Simply visit retrievr.com or text PICKUP to 757-70-FETCH (757-703-3824) to schedule a date, and retrievr will pick up your items and recycle them for you.

Retrievr collects all clothing and small electronics for free. See the list of items retrievr collects, TV collection fees, and other FAQ at https://retrievr.com/location/nether-providence-pa/

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Recycle Your Clothing & Electronics

**In observance of the President's Day Holiday the Township Buiding will be closed Monday February 19th.** The Public Works garage closed for yard waste drop-off due to construction until further notice. Residents can request pick up by calling 610-566-4516.
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