Media Food Bank – Request for Assistance

Dear Neighbors,

The Media Food Bank has issued a request for donations as they are running low on supplies and food. To assist in “social distancing”, I have volunteered to help consolidate donations and deliver them to the food bank every Thursday morning.  So, if you’d like to make a donation to the Media Food Bank, please feel free to drop off donations on my front porch (there is a large plastic bin on the porch) at 302 Melanies Way, Wallingford, PA  19086. If you need the donations picked up, please text me at 610.213.3133 and I’ll stop by your house (for “social distancing purposes”, you can put the bags in the back of my SUV or you can leave them outside for pickup).

 Below are the most needed items:

 Cardboard boxes for pre-packing food

Cleaning supplies

Grocery store gift cards

Pet food

Feminine hygiene products


Canned Soup

Chicken broth

Any form of rice, but especially microwavable pouches


Condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise


Canned Fruit


Peanut Butter

Macaroni and cheese

Dried pasta

Pasta sauce

Canned chicken

Canned tuna


Baby food

Any canned or dried foods

 Alternatively, the Media Food Bank can accept donations online through the First United Methodist website – there is a drop down menu and you click “food bank” Here is the link:

Kind Regards,

Kevin Henry


Update 7/12/20

Just an update for all. We continue to collect food and dry goods for the Media Food Bank. Nether Providence neighbors have been amazing -they drop bags off at my house on a daily basis. The Media Food Bank is serving approximately 120 families a week (a record).  Current needs include:


Pancake mix




Peanut butter

Juice and juice boxes


Canned tuna or salmon

Canned chicken


Olive oil

Vegetable oil



Cake mix

Snacks like cookies, crackers, popcorn, nuts

Protein and granola bars

Maxi pads and tampons


Pull ups

Baby wipes

travel and full size toiletries


Thank you for spreading the word.


Kind Regards,


Kevin Henry

302 Melanies Way

Wallingford, PA  19086