Yard Waste Drop Off Closed at Public Works Garage

Over the course of 2019, the Township incurred significant and escalating expenses associated with handling and disposing of the yard waste that was dropped off at the highway garage.  Despite the Township’s attempts to regulate the drop-offs, abuses of the service coupled with closure of places where the Township was previously able to cost-effectively dispose of the waste, have made it too expensive to continue allowing yard waste to be dropped off.  Accordingly, the Township has ended its yard waste drop off program for the time being.  If conditions change (i.e., cost effective disposal options again become available), the Township will consider resuming the drop off program.  Please note that the Township will continue to pick up yard waste from residences on the second Tuesday of each month.

To arrange for a pick up of yard waste, please call the Township Building at 610-566-4516. Yard waste that is eligible for pick up includes leaves in biodegradable bags (NO PLASTIC BAGS) and bundled sticks.  Grass clippings and weeds are not eligible for pick up.  Bundled sticks must be 4″ in diameter or less and no longer than 5′ and must be bundled together with twine.  All items must be placed at the edge of your property at the edge of the street. The employees will not come onto your property to pick up the yard waste.