News from Nether Providence High School, Swarthmore High School & Strath Haven High School

Please see the message below from from the alumni associations:

Hey everyone it’s that little black book time again.  The black Alumni book.  It is only updated every ten years, so please if you haven’t already done so, call and update your info. The number to call is 1-800-536-7266.  This is one of the tools we use to get ahold of everybody for class reunions.  Also this isn’t just for our class, but everyone who ever went to Nether Providence, Swarthmore or Strath Haven.  So pass on the word to friends and family to call and update your information.  Remember they only update it once every ten years so if you have moved within that time they do not have current records on you.  You will also be given the opportunity to preorder a copy. Hardback is $129.00, paperback is $109.00 and digital is $20.00.  The are due to be printed and shipped February 2018.  Thank you!