New Recycling Company in 2018 – Recycling Must Be Out by 7 AM

Beginning in 2018, Nether Providence will be served by H&H Disposal Services for the collection of recycling. As we begin this transition, there will likely be some missed locations as the drivers get comfortable with the new routes. We apologize in advance for any missed locations. Please contact the Township building at 610-566-4516 to report missed recycling.

Please visit this link for more information on what can and cannot be recycled. Please note, plastic bags and trash bags cannot be accepted. 

Also, recycling MUST BE OUT BY 7 AM on your day of recycling. The new recycling company will be using different routes, so they may come by at a different time than the old company did in the past. Therefore, it’s important that your recycling be out by 7 AM in order to ensure it is picked up.