Important Information About 3/7/18 Snowstorm

Several important items regarding the impending snowstorm:

  • The recycling for Wednesday, 3/7 will be rescheduled. Wards 2 and 6 will be picked up on Friday, 3/9. Ward 5 will be picked up on Saturday, 3/10. Thursday 3/8’s recycling is being picked up as normal. If you are unsure of which ward you’re located in, please consult this map:

  • Please be patient as our Public Works crews diligently work to plow the streets throughout the Township. There are nearly 50 miles of roads to be plowed, so it does take several hours with each pass. We could use your help in several ways:
    1. If possible, please remove your vehicles from the roads. This makes the process faster and easier to plow the roads.
    2. Unless absolutely necessary, please stay off the roads until the conditions have improved. If you must drive, do so a slower speed than usual. Take turns slowly and carefully. Dangerous driving in the snow, and the resulting accidents, can put the lives of our first responders in danger.
    3. When shoveling or using a snowblower on your sidewalks or driveways, please do not toss the snow back into the road. This will only create dangerous conditions and will undo some of the work by the snow plows.
    4. Please understand that the plow drivers never intentionally “plow anyone in.” The plows travel quickly and can toss the snow a fair distance. Additionally, it would take a significant amount of additional time and would leave snow on the road if the plows stopped at each driveway, picked the plow up, and then placed it down again. Therefore, we recommend shoveling the end of your driveway after the plows have completed their routes. The Public Works Department cannot come back and clear the ends of driveways, regardless of how much snow there is. 
    5. Please stay back and leave a safe distance for the plows, if you must drive.
    6. If you notice your mailbox or other property has been damaged from the plowing, please contact the Township at 610-566-4516.
    7. State roads are plowed by PennDOT. These include Providence Road, Brookhaven Road, Baltimore Pike, Chester Road, Rogers Lane, Turner Road, Bullens Lane, East and West Rose Valley Road, parts of Manchester Road, Waterville Road, Chestnut Parkway.
    8. All sidewalks and walkways should be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours after the snow has stopped.

  • To report Power Outages to PECO, please do so through this link: PECO Power Outage. If you smell natural gas or see downed power lines please do NOT use the link above. LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY and call PECO at 1-800-841-4141. If you, or someone you know, is without power and it’s critical that power is needed (for example, oxygen tanks, or if you have been without power and heat since the last storm), please call 911 who will help make arrangements.
  • If you notice a tree down in the roadway, please call 911 to report it. The Township’s Public Works Department will be dispatched to handle it. Any trees in the roadway will be pushed out of the roadway, and the property owner will be responsible for the removal of the tree from the property. The Public Works Department cannot remove the tree from the property. They will simply move it from the road. Please note, if a tree is tangled in live wires, our Public Works Department is not permitted to touch the tree. PECO will need to respond and handle the tree. Like the last storm, this one may cause many downed trees, so please be patient as our Public Works Department works as quickly as possible to handle the trees and still plow the roads. Thank you for your understanding.