Financial Information

Finance Director, David Fiorenza or 610-566-4516 x 211.

DCED Financial Reports

Nether Providence Township and its financial auditor prepare the financial reports below for the Department of Community and Economic Development. All financial statements are prepared using the modified accrual accounting basis. Nether Providence Township follows a calendar year fiscal year.

2019 DCED Financial Report

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2010 DCED Financial Report

Budget Information

Budgets are prepared in the Fall for the upcoming year, and the public is welcomed and encouraged to participate in the budget process, which takes place on the advertised Thursday meetings with the Commissioners.

The 2021 Real Estate millage for Nether Providence Township was lowered from 5.731 mills, in 2020, to 3.1065 mills due to the countywide reassessment. Your new assessment on your property will either increase or decrease. The County mandate was for municipalities to remain revenue neutral for 2021 due to the reassessment.

The General Fund budget for 2021 was set at $7,642,201, or a 2.64% increase over 2020. Some of the revenues that declined were the Realty Transfer Tax and the Cable TV franchise fees. The Township experienced non-reimbursable expenses due to COVID-19 and has contractual obligations for the Police and Public Works unions. While we try to control costs and look for efficiencies, some expenses are unfunded mandates that the Township need in order to be in compliance.

The Township’s 2021 real estate tax bill also includes a $579 per unit sewer charge for a property connected to the public sewer system and a $83.50 per unit recycling fee. Both are seeing slight increases that are passed onto the Township for the providers of the sewer system and recycler vendor.

The Final 2021 Budget can be found through this link:  2021 Budget Website