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Preserving Your Mental Health During Crazy Times

Throughout this crisis, our community and our nation have been bombarded by a new term: social distancing. While we need to take this practice seriously, we also need to maintain our social bonds in this time of anxiety and worry. For example, our neighborhood and other community bonds should be at the forefront of our thoughts and be made part of our daily habit. Our community has been so focused on what we can’t do that we haven’t discussed what we can do. To that end, we encourage all of you to enjoy our township and community (safely):

-Enjoy the warm spring weather

-Go for a walk or a bike ride

-Talk to your neighbors (while enjoying a safe 6 foot distance)

-Enjoy our parks and open spaces (please avoid our playgrounds)

-Work in your garden

-Wash your hands

-Take a photo of you and your family being safe and having fun and email the township at We’ll include your photos in a collage on our website.